Early Years Curriculum

The Early Years programme is a holistic, child-centred and exploratory curriculum that focuses on developing children’s communication and language skills, creative expressions, physical abilities and well-being, and personal and social development. In the Early Years, our curriculum centres on learning experiences which provide emergent, play situations where children make sense of things and people around them, investigate the world, form relationships and interactions. 

Early years learning ensures a smooth transition to the more structured and skills-driven learning expectations of the Preschool Programme. 

  • Focus on developing:
    • Communication & language skills 
    • Creative Expression 
    • Physical skills & well-being 
    • Personal & social development 
  • Provides opportunity for:
    • Emergent, play situations 
    • Making sense of things around them 
    • Investigating the world 
    • Forming relationships and interactions 
  • Ensures a smooth transition to a more structured and skills-driven learning in the child’s later years 

Toddler Programme (for 18 to 30 Months)

Toddlers’ learning experiences are built around their natural tendencies to be active, inquisitive and exploratory learners who learn through sensory and tactile stimulations. A warm, conducive and stimulating environment that is rich in responsive interactions and relationships is key to promoting and developing the children’s expressive language and communications, affective and physical growth. Routines and transition support children’s efforts in adapting to group care setting, and in developing autonomy and self-help skills.