Cooking With Me

We are extremely excited to introduce you to our latest initiative designed especially for you and your child to enjoy together, the Learning Vision Recipe Book.

Eating healthy leads to a healthy body and mind, so we would like to use this opportunity to teach Learning Vision’s children the importance of eating healthy in a fun way…cooking! 

‘Cooking with Me’ is a fun way for children to be introduced to the wonderful world of textures, tastes and aromas and a great tool to show children that learning about nutrition, maintaining a balanced diet, consuming food that is good for you and cooking can actually be lots of fun!

This recipe book will provide you with hours of great bonding sessions with your child as you teach them the importance of eating healthy whilst having fun cooking.

We would love to receive your favourite healthy recipes that you and your child enjoy at home so we can share these with everyone else or even publish them as one of the monthly recipes (email recipes to or drop it in one of the “Cooking with Me” suggestion boxes at your centre).

Let’s make healthy cooking and eating a part of life for every Learning Vision family!

Getting Started

 Click on the link below to download the pdf.

Getting Started    Kitchen Safety

Featured Recipe

  Chunky Chicken Stew

It's just as easy to make chicken stew. This quick, easy and delicious recipe takes only minutes to prepare. Click on the link below to start learning how to cook this dish with your children.

Click here to download .PDF (0.93 MB)