• Awarded maximum 24 months license by Ministry of Social & Family Development 
    • Quoted as “substantially surpassed requirements’ by MSF in the Child Care Seminar 2002
    • People Developer Standard Award
    • Invited to present in ‘Heading Towards Best Practices Forum’ (Oct 1999)
    • Invited to present in World Forum on ECCE – 1999 (Hawaii), 2000 (S’pore), 2001 (Greece)
    • Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey 2005 – 97% of parents happy with quality of service
    • Singapore Most Promising Brand Award 2004
    • 80% teaching staff are Diploma trained vs ECDA requirement of 1 Diploma-trained teacher in each centre
    • Outstanding Programme Award, 2010
  • We provide Infant and Toddler Programme, Preschool Programme, Parenting Activities and Workshops and Enrichment programmes and Holiday Camps.

  • Components of our comprehensive curriculum include:


    • Age-appropriate & Developmental Appropriateness comprehensive and challenging learning programmes
    • Combination of teacher-directed and child-initiated learning
    • Balanced teacher-directed and child-initiated learning
    • We adopt a hands-on and active learning approach
    • Constructivist teaching and learning approach that promotes children as active learners
    • Our curriculum approach is integrated where themes are interconnected
    • Integrated Learning Approach to Holistic Development where learning is interconnected across developmental areas.
    • The learning outcome is process-oriented
    • There is emphasis on developing positive learning disposition of children
  • The components of our curriculum are designed to enable children to develop in 2 key areas: Holistic development and Academic Development. 

    Holistic development focuses on building the child’s confidence, social skill, physical fitness, cognitive thinking and language development.

    Academic development focuses on reading, writing and Mathematics. In all, our curriculum aims to develop a holistic child who is school ready and demonstrates a strong passion for life-long learning.

  • Yes, it is included in K2 Term 4 to instill basic foundation for Primary 1.

  • ECDA requires centres to adhere to the following teacher-child ratios during the main programme hours:

    In addition to the required staffing, at each centre, additional manpower is made available to enable lower teacher:child ratios and thus facilitate better supervision and care. Please check with the Principal on specific ratio at your centre.

  • All Principals — at least Diploma qualifications in Early Childhood Education Leadership, many with Degrees and Post-Graduate qualifications.

  • 80% teaching staff are Diploma trained vs ECDA requirement of 1 Diploma-trained teacher in each centre.

  • Swing by the centre to complete the registration form and hand directly to the Principal. You can also register online through www.learningvision.com

  • We do not accept registration via telephone.

  • No payment is required upon registration. Payment is required only when child is enrolled.

  • No minimum age requirement for registration.

  • Our centre will process application upon submission of registration form, and may call you up to ask for more details and intended enrolment date. When a vacancy is available, our centre will offer your child a place either via phone call, mail, fax or email. Otherwise, child will be placed on waiting list. You may also check with your child’s registration status with the centre at any time.

  • Enrolment will be on a first-come-first-serve basis and subject to:

    • Whether the child is of the minimum age requirement for entry into the centre
    • Priority scheme, if any, at the centre
    • Availability of vacancy in the child’s intended class or age-group
    • Availability of vacancy in the centre 
    • Registration fee
    • 1 month deposit of school fees before GST and ECDA subsidy
    • First month’s schools fees
    • Insurance premium ($7 after GST)
    • School Attire: School Uniform & T-shirt ($33 and $30 after GST)
  • Please refer to centre fee table. There are no other hidden cost involved.

  • Centre will take in new enrolment on a staggered basis i.e. a few children at a time. Usually, the centre enrols new children on the 1st and 15th of each month OR Centre will advise enrolment according to the desired month of enrolment.

  • Trial period is available for the first 2 weeks. Parents are encouraged to accompany the child on the first 2 days of the trial.

  • Yes, centre will schedule the session prior to the child’s enrolment date and inform parent accordingly. Group basis OR one-to-one.

  • Yes, the centre’s fees are still payable when the child is absent as the child’s name is maintained in the class register and a place is reserved for the child until he returns. The payment of fees is discontinued only after child has withdrawn from the centre.

  • A late charge fee of $10.00 is payable for every block of 15 minutes or part thereof based on per child basis.

  • Your deposit is retained by the centre and shall be refunded in either one of the following situations:

    • Your child withdraws within the 1st month of enrolment (ie. introductory month)
    • Your child withdraws after the trial month but has given one (1) calendar month’s written notice; applicable for only Jan – Oct.


    Upon your child’s graduation from the centre when he/she has completed Kindergarten 2.

    The deposit will be forfeited if:

    • You cancel your child’s enrolment without sufficient notice
    • You fail or neglect to give the required written notice of withdrawal
    • There are outstanding fees and payments due to the centre


    For withdrawal after trial period, parent will have to give 1 month written notice to centre. This shall only apply in the months of January till October. However, two (2) months’ notice is required for the remaining months failing which my deposit will be forfeited. For the change of Programme Type, it is required to give at least one (1) calendar month’s advance written notice for any months in the year except for the months of November and December which is prohibited. A written notice of withdrawal/transfer/change of Programme Type should also be submitted no later than the 1st day of the month. Otherwise, the said notice can only take effect the following month.

    • Singaporean child
    • One of the parent is a Singaporean
  • Centre will make an application on parent’s behalf upon child’s enrolment with relevant documents e.g. Proof of employment, NRICs of parents, Birth certificate of the child, Certificate of Citizenship (if applicable), Entry Permit / Re-entry Permit / Passport.

  • The parents are advised not to bring their child to the centre, as home rest allows the children to recover faster. Staying away from the centre helps to protects the other children.

  • Teachers will attend to the child’s needs and isolate the child to allow rest. The teacher will sponge bath if the child if she/he has fever. The parents will be contacted to take the child home or to see a doctor. While waiting for parents to come, the child’s condition will be monitored. If parents or relatives are not able to come and the child’s condition is serious, the centre may seek medical attention on the parent’s behalf. The cost of medical treatment will be borne by parents.

    • Health check is conducted upon arrival each morning to detect signs of sickness
    • Only authorised persons are allowed to pick up children
    • Medication is administered only when it is directly prescribed for the child. Parents must provide written authorisation and full instructions in the ‘Medication Book’
    • All Entrances and Exit doors must be closed at all times and latches locked from 10 am to 4 pm
    • Fire Drill is conducted every 6 months to train children and staff on what do in case of fire
    • Children must be in school uniform whilst in the centre at all times. This helps to identify children when outdoors or during excursions
    • Jewellery & Toys are not permitted in the centre
    • At least 1 teacher is present in classroom at all times
    • Visitors will be accompanied at all times
    • Toilets are cleaned at least once a day. Toys and mattresses are cleaned at least once a week 
  • All children will have a personal communication book

    • Parents can provide instructions (e.g. do not bathe him or feedback to teachers) in it
    • Parents can also read the book for information on the child’s development and centre’s activities


    The Chalkboard

    • A Learning Vision newsletter that informs parents of the company’s development and information


    Parent’s Bulletin Board that highlights information at the centre. Displays on the notice board include:

    • Current theme including objectivities and the recommended activities
    • Centre’s calendar of events
    • Trends & tips on parenting and other related issues
    • Children’s Workbook
    • Serves to keep parents updated on the child’s learning progress
    • Teachers will note their observations in it


    Children’s Developmental Portfolio

    • Teacher will note their observations on the child’s physical and mental development in the portfolio
    • Assists parents in assessing and monitoring their child’s progress in the centre
    • Serves as a platform for discussion between parents and teachers on areas of improvements for the children’s development


    Parents’ Conferences

    • Held twice a year or more if necessary by parents or teachers
    • For parents and teachers to share ideas and information about the children’s total environmental and development, both at home and school
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