SkillWorks engage children in learning language and literacy skills, and math skills. It is designed as a systematic skill and instructional curriculum that is complementary to our integrated curriculum. Skills instructions equip children with important skills needed as tools for exploring content and concepts in interdisciplinary learning. Children in Nursery 2, Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2 learn literacy and math skills through teacher-guided activities that are complemented by active exploratory, hands-on experiences in small groups.

Literacy Links is a holistic language and literacy curriculum that is made up of a selection of literacy curriculum; Letterland, Readers Workshop, Word Bank and Budding Writers. Language acquisition includes listening comprehension, communication skills, reading, writing, phonics and word recognition skills, vocabulary knowledge, grammar and sentence structure, and the conventions of writing. Children practice and learn language meaningfully and for a purpose, and in a fun and holistic way. 

MathQuest is a math hands-on curriculum designed to provide rich opportunities for children to construct their own understanding and knowledge of mathematical concepts and ideas.  Math is learned through active, exploratory experiences and hands-on manipulation of math materials to effectively engage children in mathematical thinking and math processes. The curriculum specifies math topics, concepts and skills that are developmentally appropriate, so that children learn math in a progressive and systematic way.