Project Hub


An integrated curriculum can lead to extensive and in-depth study of content, from which projects are developed. Project Hub is a method of teaching that applies the principles of child-centered inquiry, research and problem-based approaches to learning. Project work is all about in-depth explorations and investigations of a topic of interests initiated by children or instigated by teachers.  Projects engage children in researching, investigating and solving problems to find solutions and answers. Project work does not only improve children's skills in reading, writing, math, social studies, science and creative thinking, but also supports childrens' gain in knowledge of the world that they can make sense of, and apply in their own lives, thus gaining important life skills.

Project investigation 1 Project investigations take the form of on-site inquiry where children ask questions, conduct surveys, and conduct classroom-based inquiry using the internet, books and a variety of in-class experiments and exploratory activities.

Project Investigation 2


Project Hub experiences encourage children to be actively engaged in collaboration and discussion as they discuss and share project ideas, and work cooperatively in small groups.