Preschool Curriculum


The Preschool Curriculum caters to children in the Nursery 2, Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2 levels. It is a cognitive, constructivist curriculum with emphasis on active child-centred learning experiences. Curriculum is planned around children's interests, curiosity and their natural quest for knowledge; leading to inquiry, investigations, discovery and active hands-on explorations. Expectations for holistic goals, development of life skills, dispositions and attitudes towards learning, as well as academic competence are promoted through innovative integrated curriculum and project work. These two vigorous curricular are further complemented by an interactive, hands-on skills-based curriculum; all of which are designed to cater for process-oriented learning and the acquisition of knowledge, concepts and skills for the preschoolers.

The Preschool Curriculum goals are expressed through a set of broad, general overviews of what children are expected to gain from the program which effectively address the expectations for holistic development, life skills competencies and school readiness skills. These goals are translated into seven key learning experiences:

  1. Communication, Language and Literacy
  2. Early Numeracy
  3. Creative Expressions
  4. Environmental and Community Awareness
  5. Technology
  6. Personal and Social Development
  7. Physical Skills and Well-being