At Learning Vision, our educators adopt an approach that actively promotes three key principles in the teaching and learning processes:

Learning Vision Approach

The Child as the Protagonist

Our curriculum is child-centred. Children are viewed as active, self-directed and competent learners, who initiate their own learning, and are actively engaged in hands-on exploratory learning experiences through making independent choices and selecting their own activities.

Child as protagonist 

The Teacher as Facilitator

Our teachers plan engaging and meaningful experiences that build on the children's understanding, and they also provide appropriate resources within the environment to facilitate children's learning.

Children are able to work independently as they direct their own learning in collaboration with their peers, rather than rely solely on teachers for directions.

 Child as protagonist 2

The Process of Learning is the Focus

The processes of learning, rather than the end product, are the key focus in our teaching and learning process. Experience-centred, hands-on learning encourages our children to explore, experiment, inquire, investigate, interact and discover ideas and concepts.

 Teacher as facilitator