The Learning Wheel


The Learning Wheel is made up of 7 spokes that organises our curriculum into the seven distinct developmental areas:

Learning Wheel


  1. Communications, Language and Literacy
  2. Early Numeracy
  3. Environmental and Community Awareness
  4. Technology
  5. Personal and Social Development
  6. Physical Skills and Well-being, and
  7. Creative Expressions

Each developmental and learning area is further represented by its distinct curriculum components, which are clearly presented under the respective compartmentalised sections. These key curriculum components, which taken together contribute to the holistic and total integrated curriculum, which is further represented on the outer most layer by the Learning Quest Curriculum and Project Hub Curriculum.

The Learning Wheel clearly signifies our curriculum philosophies. While the spokes compartmentalise the curriculum areas, they also serve as a link that connects and integrates these various curriculum components to create a holistic and integrated curriculum. The motion of a wheel going round and round reflects our images of children's learning that is joyful, active and continuous. In addition, the wheel, with its capacity to move forward, represents our curriculum goals of embarking on a journey towards lifelong learning and success in life.