The School Day



The children’s daily routines include a good mix of structured programmes, play-time and rest, as well as time for independent exploration and learning.

Mrs Ong


Jonas has been there for over a month already and I would like to thank the Infant teachers and Rosie for taking good care of him. Special thanks to Rosie for keeping me updated about his progress and answering my doubts or queries about Jonas very promptly when I called or texted her. I really appreciate all these gestures and the help rendered by your team. It certainly helps to put my mind at ease when I'm working. I'll be enrolling my elder son for N1 class at Learning Vision next year. I really hope that both of them will have a fulfilling preschool education with Learning Vision.

Additional Info: 
Parent from Infant Care programme at Learning Vision @ The Grassroots’ Club



Infant Programmes (for 2 to 17 months)

We recognise the need for fine nurturing and dedicated supervision of a child during the infant stages.  Our infant programmes cater to babies from 2 to 17 months’ old. With trained and caring professionals specialising in infant care, development and/or state-registered nursing qualifications, we are well-equipped to look after infants’ growing and developmental needs. 

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