Alumni Testimonials

Elli Bahren

I am seventeen years old and I graduated from Learning Vision at Revenue House in 1997.

After which I studied in CHIJ Katong and Rosyth School during my primary school years and in Tanjong Katong Girls' School during my secondary school years. I am currently doing the International Baccalaureate Diploma Progamme in Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) and will graduate and the end of this year. During my free time I enjoy playing sports like Touch Rugby and Softball and I also enjoy reading history books.

My favourite moments during my preschool years were during playtime when I could run around and play catching with my friends in the playground or build sandcastles in the sandbox. I also loved tea time and all the snacks we got to eat. I remember loving the buns, cakes and Milo but dreading the green bean soup. I would always try to give all of my green bean soup to my friend whenever the teacher wasn't looking but I got caught almost every time. I also hated nap time because it meant that I couldn't talk or play with my friends. My preschool days were carefree and extremely enjoyable and but I regret not keeping in touch with all of my friends. Nevertheless, I am extremely thankful to LV and all my caring teachers who made my preschool experience an unforgettable one, one that I will cherish for a very long time.

Hairin Bahren

I've just completed my third year studying Economics in Barnard at Columbia University in New York and while I do remember having a good time in kindergarten, it's hard for me to remember my exact experiences having it been fifteen years ago. What I do remember though, despite all these years, are daily nap and bath times. Living in New York City and being a student at Columbia, it is easy to overlook the simple rituals that I took for granted as a kid. I remember my preschool teacher teaching us the proper way to shower and how I would lay contentedly on my mattress feeling fresh and smelling like Johnson and Johnson's baby lotion. Even now as I see my commitments, appointments, assignments and obligations increase exponentially from the time I was a kid, I always set aside time to shower and rest. I am certain that I learned some of my daily habits from my teachers in Learning Vision and as I look back now I realize the importance of teaching young children these skills as they are empowering and although priorities change and relationships evolve, these habits stick with you for the rest of your life.

Lucas Yeo

He graduated from Learning Vision in year 2006.

Lucas attended preschool at LV@NTU. He is currently studying in Xingnan Primary School. He enjoys playing badminton and has been taking badminton lesson for the past 1 year.

Lucas is aware that he wasn’t an easy child to manage. He is grateful that his preschool teachers were extremely patience and spent much time working with him. Not only that the teachers did not walk away, they dealt with issues as they arise directly and fairly. He always has positive things to say about his stay @LV, from Teacher Debbie’s kindness, Teacher Liang’s lessons and Teacher Pu’s animated storytelling … to his fun time on the playground. He had a great time at the Centre and is missing every minute of it since he graduated. Till now, he still has fond memories of the Centre and sometimes wished that he could turn back the clock for more.

Pan Yining

I am Pan Yining and I graduated from this preschool in the year 2003. (Nice moments in the school. Lots of buddies.) I am now studying in Nanyang Girls High Sec 1. I am currently in the AEP program (Art Elective Program)

Elton Lim

I am Elton Lim, and I am currently studying in SJI, St. Joseph’s Institution. I am in Secondary 3 this year and my CCA is NCC (Air), National Cadet Corps (Air). I was in LV at Revenue House, at that time I was still in my diapers, the first friend I made would be Harith. I learned from my parents when I was older that we were inseparable even when we were little kids.

Let me share with you a few stories of my experience there. During drama class we had Teacher Patrick teaching us, me and Harith had a favourite corner where we would always seat and talk. Once Teacher Patrick tried to separate us by putting us in two separate corners, but after a while we would somehow manage to get back together again. Apparently, they have tried many times and still failed to separate us. When I was young I was a very chubby and cute toddler, teachers would commonly try to make me cry because when I cry I would pout making me look very cute (according to them).

The teachers there are very understanding and patient when it comes to children. I remember that I was a tough one when I was young. But with their love and patience I began to come out of my shell and be more sociable and open to the way other people thought.

My LV experience was an enriching and fun experience, I have made many friends in this journey of my life. I truly enjoyed my LV experience and I wish I could experience it again.

Eugene Lim

I’m Eugene Lim, currently studying at National Junior College. I was studying in St. Joseph’s Institution and my CCA then was NCC Air. Currently, I am in hockey in NJC. I graduated from Learning Vision in 1999. My best memories in learning vision were running around together with my friends at the playground without a care to the world and the teachers who put in so much effort and dedication to help each and every one of us.

Harith Bahren

I graduated from Learning Vision in 2001.

I am fifteen years old and am currently studying in Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road). I was from Rosyth Primary School from Primary 1 to Primary 3 before transferring to Angle-Chinese School (Primary). I also am a prefect in Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road). My CCA currently is Tennis and I am also the Team Captain. I enjoy reading, playing soccer and running during my free time.

I remember the time during my preschool days where we would gather in the music room towards the end of the day, to watch an animated movie like Pocahontas and also Barney The Dinosaur. It was a lot of fun because we could relax and sit down after a long and tiring day in school. I also remember the time where we would get excited at the opportunity to play in the playground. The playground was a place where we could run around and play with friends not only from my class but from also other classes thus making new friends. The memory of graduating from Learning Vision is something I still remember quite vividly. The day was filled with a mix of sadness but also happiness. I was sad to part ways with my friends whom I have shared countless of memories with but also, I was happy and the opportunity to go to primary school and see what it has in store for me. I remember getting ready for the graduation concert. I was dressed as a duck and I had dance on stage in front of hundreds of parents. It was truly an enjoyable experience.

Khairul Anwar

Graduation Year: 1999
Currently studying at VJC, soccer team.

Running around at the playground, laughing along in class, practicing for hours for graduation to make sure it turns out right (missing hours of sleep).
Learning and having fun at the same time, making friends along the way.

All my teachers were understanding and caring, especially Teacher Rabiahton and though I can’t remember all of them, they were all critical in helping me enjoy learning.

SitiNur Atiqah

My name's Siti Nur Atiqah Binte Abdul Hadi and I’m currently 16 going on 17. I graduated from Learning Vision in 1999 and I went on to Yung An Primary School (no longer existing), Lakeside Primary School, Raffles Girls' Secondary School and currently seeking education in Raffles Institution (Junior College). I’m an Arts/Humanities student, taking English Lit, Malay Lit, Geog and Maths. My CCA is soccer and Malay society. I’ve been a Malay debater since sec 3 and I definitely love and enjoy debating. During my free time, I love eating and sleeping (hahaha I don’t think this is very...apt XD) oh and, I’m 150 cm. didn’t grow much throughout the years :/

There are lots of things I love about LV! Firstly, the NAP TIME. Looking back, I really appreciate nap time, (although some of us active ones needed a reminder or two before sleeping) now that it's really hard to actually get proper sleep! PLAY TIME was really memorable as well because we were exposed to so many different activities; the sandpit, the playground, the blown-up swimming pool, the little indoor play area with blocks and puzzles. I liked Malay lessons too as we did lots of interesting activities and I felt that somehow, the exposure to Malay language that I had in LV developed my interest and love for Malay throughout the years, explains why I took Malay lit now xD my favourite moment would definitely be graduation night :D that was probably my first ever stage performance and I remembered every single second of it! There were three pairs ballroom dancing and I was partnered with Daniel. I remember all the thick make up, the tons of hairspray used, the really pretty long golden dress, the long wait before our performance, and of course, the whole lot of excitement! That was probably the girliest thing I’ve ever worn up till today and I remember my dad saying afterwards, 'You are supposed to follow the boy, not make the boy follow you!'

It might be hard to believe but I still look at my graduation book once in a while till today and I can't help but smile cos it brought back so many wonderful memories! The section where we had to write a little info about ourselves would have to be the funniest because some of the things we said back then (with the broken grammar and amateur handwriting and what not :D ) were just so cute and naive! The photos there truly speak a thousand words and they really capture the vibrant, fun, and caring environment that LV has provided me with. (: my teachers, Teacher Komala, Teacher Lin, Teacher Rabia and Laoshi have been really awesome and they're forever smiling! It's really easy to remember them among all the teachers I’ve had so far because they're the ones who were the easiest to approach, able to handle the children's mischief, and they never fail to talk to you at your kind of level of understanding and comfort- and that's what I truly appreciate them for. (:

Nuur Aesyah

Name: Nuur Aesyah, Class of 2005

I was in LV @ MOE from 2001 to 2005, where I learnt to read, write and do many many things. I remembered the wonderful time I spent with my friends and teachers.

My best friends were Maisarah, who is now in St Margaret's Pri School, and Rachel Lee (I'm not sure where she is now). I remembered the time when we had excursions and outings together to The Bird Park and the Zoo!

We enjoyed ourselves so much at snack time and playtime. We love playing at the playground, especially cycling and scooting around the compound.

When I was in primary one at Haig Girls', I joined the BASC at LV@Arthur Road, which has now changed its name to Odyssey, The Global Preschool. I had lots of fun with my friends Amirah and Phoebe in Arthur Road, going to the park and the library with Teacher Christine.

Now I am able to play the violin, represent my school in the school choir (awarded Silver in the most recent Singapore Youth Festival competition) and have a blue belt in Tae Kwon Do! Thank you LV for helping me be successful! ;p